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“Mother to be” - care package 💕
  • “Mother to be” - care package 💕

    Gift that celebrates expecting mothers as well as thriving moms in their glory💫

    Being a mother need an ultimate recognition in any stage of this process. Women need to be taken care of and nurtured in order to be the best version of themselves.

    The maternity box is a selection of the best curated items that will make moms feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

    What's included:


    * 9oz (amber with lid) candle scent of your choice:

    Mystify - bergamot, grapefruit, ambergris,


    Eucalyptus & Lavender - fresh eucalyptus and french lavender

    Cashmere & Silk - cashmere wood, tonka bean, shea butter, raw honey and sandalwood.

    Sweet Enough - plum honey, fresh nutmeg, orange and cacao.

    Wild & Free - green coconut, mangosteen, wildflowers

    Cabin Escape - cypress, cedarwood, fig

    *Bath Salt

    Uplift: Mix of sea salt and Himalayan salt + essential oils, sweet orange, Sicilian lemon + dry calendula


    Replenish: Mix of sea salt and Himalayan salt +essential oils, eucalyptus & lavender and dry lavender buds



    Rosemary & Lavender goat milk, lemonade( sweet orange, lemon) Earthy( Moroccan clay, cedar wood)

    *Humidifier essential oil blends:

    Uplift - sweet orange, Sicilian lemon

    Soothe - Bergamot, geranium, clove, black currant

    Sweet Dreams - Bergamot, coconut water, blue lavender, jasmine

    Relax - lemon balm, clove, orange, amber, patchouli

    Focus - eucalyptus, orange, rosemary, cedarwood

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