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Shower/ Bath Salt
  • Shower/ Bath Salt

    Explore this luxurious, holistic and relaxing bath/shower salts in the comfort of your own home spa. This recipe uses a combination of Epsom salt, natural sea salt from the Dead Sea, pink Himalayan salt and organic essential oils and sprinkles of dry lavender buds from local farmers. Try to drop a pinch or two during your morning shower to feel refreshed.



    Organic essential oils of: eucalyptus & lavender + dry lavender buds. Great for relaxation after long day or sore muscles after workout.

    9oz comes with wooden scoop 💫



    Organic essential oils of sweet orange and Sicilian lemon + dry petals of calendula


    organic essential oils of: lavender, sweet orange, ylang ylang, geranium, frankincense and bergamot mixed with dry rose petals and hibiscus. Most feminine and powerful essential oils creating well-rounded blend of flowers with

    woodsy herbal aroma.

    Available in 4oz bags

    • Direction of use:

      Sprinkle couple of pinches of salt when filling a bath or while taking a shower. Then just breath and grasp this moment for yourself!

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