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Hi, I'm Agi.

I'm the founder of Lavender Tree. Co. My journey in the fragrance world started just a few years ago when I was looking for an escape from ordinary corporate life. Finding a unique niche within candle art, started my passion for creating beautiful and thoughtful fragrance products. 

Lavender Tree.Co was born out of a passion for natural living that at first would help to improve my health and ease my chronic migraines and anxiety. I wanted to create fragrances with a unique perspective and a meaningful story to tell. My concept of "You are your home" represents fragrances that you feel comfortable and relaxed around them, just like your home and your space
the fragrance world and strives to fully represent the full spectrum of our colourful personalities and identities.

Quality Over Quantity

I am passionate about creating the most thoughtful product I possibly can, which is why I complete every step of the process in-house. From fragrance concept, to design, to pouring melted wax and fulfilling orders, I do everything with my own hands and with a lot of love. Sure, this takes me a little bit longer, but having involvement in every step of the process allows me to deliver you a product I can truly stand behind. 

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. I hope you love LT.Co fragrances and that you create many amazing and memorable moments while the fragrance is in the air.

Lots of love.


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