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Welcome to our scent-created life journey!

You are in good hands, so take your time, explore and read about the fragrance to find out what speaks to you the most and this is how you would know this is the right choice.

Our candle creation ingredient list:

Cruelty-free. Tested on friends, not animals

Paraffin & Lead-free

​Natural Non-GMO Soy wax​ blend nontoxic, plant-based, paraben & phthalate-free fragrance oils


Unbleached cotton wicks

Recyclable glass jars and packaging materials that meant to be reused

In-house production and packed by my own hands in Gatineau, Canada


What people say...

I wanted to share with you how much my family has appreciated your beautiful products! My partner bought me a candle as a gift some months ago, and since then we’ve enjoyed many different candle scents (and I’m excited to try the bath salts I just got!)


I am a midwife who works in the community with high-risk clients so I spend pretty much 95% of my day feeling stressed. Today I came home from a very long day and found that my order had arrived! It gave me such a lift just to see the package. My four-year-old helped me unwrap each item and then insisted on smelling each beautiful scent in turn. (Morning Dew is his favourite because he says it smells like dandelions.)


When it was time for bed, he asked if we could light one of the candles while we read his stories. My partner and I have a nightly ritual of lighting a candle and relaxing before we go to bed, just talking about whatever has come up during the day, reconnecting and unwinding. So tonight we said that we could have a candle during story time as well. Having my whole family piled into our bed, snuggled up, with the gentle light and relaxing aroma of the candle, was an almost magical moment to end a challenging day.


It seems like a small thing, but having that moment at the end of the day every day to look forward to, when I can really engage my senses, reconnect, and leave everything behind for a short while, makes a huge difference for me. I love the message “you are your home” and I have really taken it to heart. This is such a tough time, and I want to thank you for helping me remember that moments of beauty and closeness are what we’re all struggling toward.


Thank you for truly bringing some light into a time with a lot of darkness. We appreciate you, and look forward to trying all your different offerings in the future :)

- Liz

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