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Yoy are your Home.

You are Your Home. Take care of Yourself.

This space has been created for you to slow down, get cozy, and connect to your true self and deepest desires.​ So... now it's the time to relax, put on your favourite playlist and browse freely through our content to seek inspiration. I'm here for you. And I know the importance of "the fragrance" that can take you on an emotional journey.


Winter Essentials

Hi, I'm Agi.

I'm the founder of Lavender Tree. Co based in Gatineau, QC near Ottawa, ON in Canada. My journey in the fragrance world started just a few years ago when I was looking for an escape from ordinary corporate life. Finding a unique niche within candle art, started my passion for creating beautiful and thoughtful fragrance products. 

Each of LT. Co candle is hand crafted using our unique small batch process to ensure quality and consistency. 

About Lavender Tree. Co

What people say...

I just received my order and I am stunned and out of words. The packaging was insane!!! It was so well wrapped but I could still get a sniff of the candles and I couldn’t wait to open them. The candles smell amazing!! I did a blind buy for the scents and I do not regret it at all. My whole hands smell of candles and I love it!

- Esho

I absolutely love the smell of morning dew! I'm usually really sensitive to fragrances but this one is amazing! And the spray is also amazing. Love that I can use it for my outdoor meditation and that it's not crazy greasy like some other sprays. Used it on my kids for the first time the other day when we were doing trail walks, worked wonders!

- Yin

I just wanted to thank you so much for the extra gift you added to my order (the beautifully scented one-year anniversary candle)! Happy anniversary! It was such a lovely surprise :) I purchased these as gifts for a holiday gathering with friends - I’m sure they will love them as much as I do! Hope all is well and thanks so much again!

- Lauren

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